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About Us

Bridget Mich and Debbie McAllister have each been in the fitness field for over 20 years. They met while teaching aerobic classes in Ventura in the early ’90s and have been friends and mentors to one another ever since.

Their careers followed very similar paths over the past decades. Both Debbie and Bridget began their careers teaching a wide variety of group fitness classes, and have been ACE and AFAA certified in everything from group exercise to Pilates mat classes. Each have also worked as fitness trainers in several gyms and most recently, as ACE certified personal trainers for nearly 20 years each.

Although yoga is a relatively new modality of fitness for these two friends, they were both passionately drawn to this diverse practice. After nearly 10 years of being students, they each decided, at different times and with different mentor teachers, to complete the intensive Yogaworks® 200hr Teacher Training Program.

With their extensive fitness backgrounds and experiences working one on one with clients, Bridget and Debbie are very excited to be teaching small, team taught, group classes to our community.

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Yoga has something positive to offer everyone regardless of age, gender or fitness level. Not only can yoga bring strength and flexibility to your body, it benefits your mind and spirit by helping to significantly reduce stress.


More about Bridget…

Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of working with individuals that are passionate about staying on the cutting edge of the “Next Best Thing” in fitness. Years ago, Yoga was promoted as another modality of exercise, and I was going to give it a try!

I remember my first yoga class. At that time, the methods of instruction couldn’t provide me with the appreciation of the full benefits of the practice of Yoga. I felt like I was in over my head, and never went back.

About 7 years ago, I decided to try Yoga again. I had developed overuse injuries and needed to move my body in a different way in order to stay active. I chose Yoga because I felt that the physical postures would provide the solution that I was seeking. This time, as I committed to attending classes regularly, I began to “wake up” to the additional benefits of Yoga.

Yoga can be calming, energizing and lead to improved mental clarity and focus. I found Yoga has helped me to observe situations without judgement, providing more patience for myself and those around me. Yoga is a path to living life in balance… mentally, physically and Spiritually.

In partnership with Debbie, I am excited to share the enlightenment I have discovered through the practice of yoga.


More about Debbie…

I took my first yoga class 10 years ago – something I thought I would never do! I loved cardio and strength workouts and wasn’t big on slowing down and stretching (which is what I thought yoga was). I would watch yoga classes in the gyms where I taught and think, “I will never have the patience for that!” As I got older and tighter my mind opened up a bit and I began studying, and eventually teaching Pilates. Although I found Pilates challenging and enjoyed the balance of strength, flexibility and mindfulness, something was still missing for me.

I left my first yoga class confused and intrigued. I thought it would come easily to me…but it didn’t. The more I went to class the more the practice connected with me. Yoga provided me all of the integrated strength and flexibility of my prior practices plus more! I found the missing link that I was looking for. The practice of yoga helped connect my mind, body and spirit. Yoga has helped me find hope and gratitude in times of darkness and loss when both my parents passed away. Through yoga I have found focus and direction when I have been overwhelmed. Yoga helps me stay calm and brings me back to myself.

It’s never too late to learn yoga. I believe that yoga has something positive to offer everyone. The gift of connecting with oneself and learning to calm the mind so we can be more present and enjoy life on a higher level is what I want to share with others through teaching the practice. Not only can yoga bring strength and flexibility to your body, but also to your mind and spirit.