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What Makes Us Different

Unlike yoga classes in a busy gym environment, Breathing Room Yoga classes are held in a private, clean, quiet space away from distractions.  Typical yoga studios have may have 20 – 50 students with one instructor.  Our class size is limited to a maximum of 12 students with two teachers present in all classes.  One teacher will instruct the class, while the second will individually assist students with adjustments to their practice and any modifications necessary to accommodate their individual needs or limitations.

We are both proud to be Yogaworks Certified 200hr Teachers and to have been mentored by two of the best yoga instructors in our area.  Our excellent yoga teacher training, in addition to our decades of experience as Personal Trainers and group exercise instructors gives us a uniquely well rounded background to help our students gain the most from their yoga practice.  Our goal is to have yoga significantly impact the everyday functional lives of our students, from strength and flexibility to mindfulness, peace and relaxation.

Our Mission Statement

The Mission of Breathing Room Yoga is to provide a safe, nurturing environment for people of all ages and limitations to  explore the practice of yoga in a small personalized group setting.    We are committed to bringing increased health, happiness and harmony to those in our community.

“Yoga is the art of getting good at being You.”