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Fees & Monthly Rates

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There is no long term membership commitment at BRYoga.  Instead, students pay by the class or by the month.

Our Monthly Rate is $95.00 for unlimited classes. Payment is due at the time of first class attended in the month.  This fee is non-refundable and does not roll over into next month. 

Per Class Rate is $15/class.  After 7 classes have been paid for in a calendar month, students may attend unlimited classes for free for the rest of the month.  (7 classes @ $15 = $105.00)  Students may also pay for 7 classes at the beginning of the month and if they don’t use them all they will roll over to the next month. 

New Students attend their first class for free (except for specialty classes). After the first class, new students may pay  $45.00 for unlimited classes for their first month of attendance at BRYoga. This monthly rate does not need to start at the beginning of a calendar month.

Family Rate:  If two family members, living in the same household, come to class together, the second family member’s class fee is $10.00.  If family members choose to pay monthly for unlimited yoga classes, the second family member’s monthly rate is $75.00.

Referral Rewards:  If a current student refers a new student and the new students pays for a month of yoga, the referring student will receive 1 free class or, $15.00 off of their next month’s fee.

Payments may be made by cash or checks made out to Bridget Mich.

* New rates begin April 4th, 2016